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Pete Davidson celebrated his 28th birthday, along with Flavor Flav, but also Kim Kardashian and his mother Kris Jenner …

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are currently making the headlines of many tabloids for their recent reunion, which must not delight Kanye West at all . Moreover, the most famous of the bimbos on the planet was at the comedian’s 28th birthday, as revealed by Flavor Fav (famous member of the group Public Enemy ), who shared a photo on which we see the 2 stars, the rapper , but also the matriarch of the Kardashian family, Kris Jenner . Flavor comments on the snap: “ Celebrating the birthday of my adopted son Pete Davidson, with captions Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner. Neither Kim nor Pete, who just like Kris Jenner were dressed in clothing, spoke about this event . According to a close source who confided in People , it was Yeezus’ future ex-wife herself who took care of organizing this little party in Palm Springs, in her mother’s house.

A sincere rapprochement

This same source also confided that the 2 stars did not wish to skip the stages, but that an inexplicable alchemy was created between them: “ Even when they are in different places, Kim and Pete remain in contact. They get to know each other better and get along very well. Kim loves her sparkle. He is very funny and makes her happy. They always go out together and enjoy it. He showered Kim with compliments and she loved it. ”Can we speak of a couple as such for the moment? Not quite, although we are getting very close, according to another source: “ It’s super early, but there is interest from both sides. The hard thing is to put a label on what their relationship is ” . As a reminder,Kim and Pete were spotted holding hands on a thrill ride in Southern California recently. They had then gone to New York for dinner, first one-on-one, then with a group of friends. If nothing is formalized for the moment, however, there seems to be love in the air …

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