Kim Kardashian passe l’examen du baby bar

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After many unsuccessful attempts, Kim finally passed the baby bar exam to study law. The 41-year-old celebrity dreams of becoming a lawyer like her father. She therefore did not skimp on the means and invested herself in order to pass her exam.

Kim Kardashian is on the verge of becoming a lawyer

The famous star of the reality show , Kim Kardashian is a step closer to realizing his dream of becoming a lawyer. She took to Twitter earlier and proclaimed enthusiastically, “  OMFGGGG I passed the baby bar exam. Looking in the mirror, I am really proud of the woman who is looking at herself in the reflection today. For all those who do not know my course in the faculty of law, know that it was not easy or that it was not imposed on me ”.

Kim explained that her course in law school had not been easy. “The best lawyers told me it was a nearly impossible and more difficult trip than doing it the traditional law school way,” Kim wrote , “but it was my only option and I feel so good to be here on my path, my goals. ”  She said.

Indeed, she expressed for the first time, her desire to study law in 2019. She then enrolled in an apprenticeship with # cut50 , an organization which aims to reduce the prison population.

In addition, this association also works to keep families together and the safety of communities. That same year, in an interview she gave to Vogue , she explained that she had visited prisons.

Kim had even petitioned governors and attended White House meetings for months. Also later in 2019, she helped numerous lawyers free Alice Marie Johnson , a 63-year-old woman imprisoned since 1996.

The latter had been charged with possession of non-violent drugs. However, Kim didn’t stop there, she helped 17 other inmates out of prison. She has worked tirelessly not only to continue prison reform, but also to educate the masses on systemic issues.

Kim Kardashian says her dad would be proud of her

Despite having failed the baby bar exam twice in two years , the socialite has not given up on her dream. She persevered instead of giving up and eventually success opened its doors to her.

As detailed on KUWTK , the first time around, she rolled a 471 when the score needed to pass was 560. The second time around, Kim was sick with COVID-19 and had a high fever.

Kim Kardashian sent thanks to everyone who motivated him especially political commentator Van Jones and prosecutors Jessica Jackson and Erin Haney.

She also reflected on what her dad Rob Kardashian who was a lawyer would think of her: “  My dad would be so proud,  ” she said. She added, “  He would actually be so shocked to know that this is my path now, but he would have been my best study partner.  “

Separately, Kim also encouraged her 70 million Twitter followers to never give up and get things done.

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