Kim Kardashian thinks there is no more reconciliation with Kanye West

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Kim Kardashian is not sensitive to Kanye’s efforts to save their marriage. She asked the judicial authorities to obtain the status of single. 

Kanye West sees more of his chances of saving his marriage with Kim Kardashian diminishing. The owner of SKIMS, designated as the fashion icon for this 2021 edition, is still fully committed to parting with the boss of Yeezy.

Kim Kardashian wants to complete divorce proceedings

Kim Kardashian has filed a case in court to request the change of her marital status from married to single. TMZ who had access to the document reveals that Kim is convinced that there is no reconciliation to be considered with Kanye in the future. ”  No effort of advice or reconciliation will be of value for the moment  “, we can read. “Irreconcilable differences have existed and continue to exist between [Kanye] and me, which irreparably broke our marriage. “. For the moment, no judge has acted on Kim’s request.

Kanye West too proud of himself?

In the document, Kim explained that she tried to retrace her steps by seeking to end the divorce proceedings she started in February. But Kayne hadn’t answered. “  I have repeatedly asked that [Kanye] agree to branch off and terminate our marital status. [He] did not respond to my request,  ”she added. “[Kanye] and I both deserve the opportunity to build a new life. Therefore, I ask that my request to branch off and terminate our civil status be accepted.  “

Will Kanye West stop insisting?

Kanye West is determined to save his marriage. He has recently started to multiply the charm operations as Kim seems to find a new reason to live with the star of Saturday Night Live Pet Davidson. The rapper has three main reasons for not getting a divorce. At first, his bipolar attitude that only Kim manages to control. Then, his faith which is contrary to divorce and finally his paternity in order to guarantee to his four children, an environment favorable to the development within a small family. On November 24, at a charity event in Los Angeles, he publicly announced that he was doing everything to “fix” his marriage. He has admitted to doing unacceptable things for a husband and hopes to get Kim’s forgiveness by returning home. God will put Kimye back together, and millions of families will be inspired by their reunion  ”.

With this new approach from Kim, one wonders if Kanye West will continue his effort to save his marriage. All we know is that recently during the reconciliation concert with Drake to demand the release of Larry Hoover on December 9, Ye ended up performing “Runaway” while inserting lyrics directed at Kim. “  Come back to me, specifically Kimberly,” he sang. 

Some rumors had announced that the void of Kanye West’s Instagram profile had been caused by the fact that Kanye West could not bear to see Kim multiply his moments of pleasure in the company of Pete Davidson.

It remains to be seen how Kanye will react if he permanently loses his wife, still grateful for having had an ex-husband who put him in touch with the right contacts at all levels of the fashion industry.


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