Kobrozo delivers his powerful clip “Special Edition”

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Kobrozo  is back in the game after a brief absence. The young rapper has just unveiled his latest clip titled ” Special  “. A powerful piece in which he displays all his talent and technicality.

Kobrozo  is a young rapper from 91 and more precisely from the city of Saint-Hubert in Sainte Geneviève des Bois. He began his career by being part of the MTG group  . Subsequently, he decides to continue the adventure solo under the Kobré  blaz . After several months of absence, he made his return under the Kobrozo  blaz and  unveiled a series of clips entitled JJR1 and JJR 2 in reference to Jean Jacques Rousseau, the name of the street where he lives. 

With his “ special ” clip  , Kobrozo  puts everyone in agreement and displays all his talent on a edgy piece of pure kickage. On this track, the young rapper empties his bag and reveals himself even more by talking about his experience and his daily life by chaining the percussive and very sharp punchlines.

Kobrozo  arrives in power. Determined and very technical, the rapper intends to find a comfortable place in the game. The story has only just begun for him. The best is yet to come.

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