Kodak Black and Jackboy fall on web again over court documents

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The spat between, Kodak Black and his former partner, Jackboy is far from knowing its epilogue. The two former collaborators of the Sniper Gang have rekindled hostilities over their famous financial conflict . Jackboy just sent a scathing response to his old friend after seeing a spike about the court documents.

Since his release from prison, Kodak Black has gone to war with his former associate and member of the Sniper Gang, Jackboy. Over the past few months, the two longtime rapper friends have engaged in a series of heated exchanges and  scathing messages on social media. Even though recent releases seem to suggest the two are on the verge of burying the hatchet , A New Act from Kodak Black has just made the situation worse.

A long-standing disagreement moved to the courtroom.

The two natives of Pompano Beach in Florida have again launched red ball shots  through heated exchanges on the web. In the screenshots of Instagram posts reaching   The Shade Room  , Kodak Black claims to want to make peace with Jackboy. He even wanted to make a collaborative EP to pass the sponge for real. But he then shared a screenshot of court documents that name the ”  Don’t Force My Hand  ” as a plaintiff in a lawsuit against Sniper Gang, LLC. An act that visibly added fuel to the fire.   

“  I want to do an ep with my lil bra & get some money on these people, ” Kodak Black said in his Instagram rant. ”  You can still be who you think you are.” I understand that the money has gone to your head and you feel overwhelmed in your position of being my gay. but we can still get the money without getting confused every day ! He wrote.

Under the screenshot of the court complaint, Kodak went on to say, ” my nigga put the shorts in our business but try to flip the script on me like I was tripping … It’s not too late, I will forgive for everything just kill all that shit and let’s get that money! Kuz that’s not the look .. I miss yo ass boy. » He added.

Jackboy’s scathing response

After seeing  The Shade Room   publish the message Kodak Black jackboy has not done in lace. He has indeed stepped up to the plate to leave his line in the comments e: ”  This guy is going crazy, I thought he said I owed him, he owed me .” He hammered. The 1804 artist then took to his Instagram post to fully respond to Kodak and encourage his former label mate to show the full, uncensored version of the court document . 

 ” Nigga You Dats why I try not to hang Show Da Whole Paper You pursue me to court and I’m .. defense . Jackboy said. ”  Relax with the fake post shit.” I’m not trying to show you a real one and how we went to do an ep and you’re trying to block my movement… it’s not about the money, it’s the principle. Loyalty is worth everything. “ He sent his old friend .

As a reminder, the relationship between former best friends  Kodak Black and Jackboy completely deteriorated this summer due to a financial conflict .  

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