Kodak Black arrested by fan over old sexual assault case. The rapper defends himself

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Kodak Black brought up an old sexual assault case against him after a fan called him a rapist.

The case stems from an incident between Kodak and an underage girl at a hotel in Florence, South Carolina, in February 2016. According to a spokesperson for the Florence County Sheriff at the time, “February 7 In or around 2016, [Kodak] allegedly sexually assaulted the victim at a hotel located at 2120 West Lucas Street, Florence, SC. “ The authorities were alerted of the crime and became involved after the girl had reported the facts to the nurse at her school.

Found guilty and sentenced

Kodak’s lawyer, in a statement to XXL, explained the rapper’s position in this case. “Today Bill Kapri [Kodak Black] pleaded to the legal charge of assault, a non-sexual misdemeanor, and was given 18 months probation. This is a charge change from the original charge. Having always denied these five-year-old allegations, he pleaded guilty in order to resolve the case, ” he said.

In April 2021, the rapper agreed to a plea deal and pleaded guilty to first-degree assault in the case. In documents obtained by XXL, Yak was sentenced to 18 months probation and fined $ 125. In the courtroom, Kodak also addressed the victim, who attended the entire process in person. “  I apologize for what happened, and I hope we can all move forward,” he said.

The rapper makes a tweet devoid of any legitimacy

On Sunday December 5th, Kodak Black took to his Twitter account and tweeted, ”  I’m not fucking, I’m focusing on the money and those goals.” Kodak’s tweet elicited various reactions, but one user, who tweeted it, posted a screenshot of Google’s results for “Kodak Black rape charges.” The person then wrote: “Is that you?” “

Kodak responds to comment, provides update

 “This case is over and I don’t have to pay anyone!” !!!. Everyone knows I didn’t, ”he wrote, adding middle finger and smiley emojis to his comment.

Kodak’s tweet comes after a reaction video went viral of him reacting to his clip for Super Gremlin. In the clip, which surfaced on YouTube last Friday, December 3, Kodak appears alongside YouTube personalities Zias and B. Lou as they discuss his title Super Gremlin   During the conversation, Yak’s sleepy demeanor has left the hosts stunned. Some fans speculated that Kodak was under the influence of drugs. 

But the next day, Kodak took to social media and denied the rumors, explaining that he was just pretending to be high during the interview.

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