Kodak Black continues to show obsession with Zendaya and Hennessy Carolina

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Kodak Black has been obsessed with these two women for years now. And even if they, Zendaya and Hennessy Carolina, ignore him without the slightest problem, the rapper is far from being discouraged. They’re talking about them again on Instagram.

Even engaged to Maranda Johnson, Kodak does not let go of Zendaya and Hennessy Carolina

Last week we learned that during their unborn baby’s baby shower ceremony, Kodak Black publicly proposed to the bearer of his daughter, Maranda Johnson . The latter also accepted the request. Videos of this emotional moment have toured the web.

However, today and as always, one wonders if he really has romantic feelings for Maranda. Because, even after officially getting engaged to her, Kodak hasn’t stopped expressing his desire to be with Zendaya and Hennessy Carolina. It is certainly not the first time but surely the umpteenth time that he talks about it.

On the morning of Tuesday, December 28, he tried again to attract the attention of the two young women. He shared an image on Instagram that reads that a Japanese scientist invented a lickable TV screen that mimics the flavors of meals. In the corner of this image, Kodak wrote: “I taste @hennessycarolina and @zendaya”. As always, the two women did not react.

Many wonder about the reaction Maranda, Kodak’s fiancée, faced with these publications rapper about the actress Zendaya and Hennessy Carolina, sister of Cardi B . However, through his lawyer, he had announced after 90 days of detoxification, that he would now be focused on his career and his family.

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