Kodak Black denies Twitter rape allegations again

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Kodak Black is one of those young rappers who have achieved radical success in recent years. Even though controversy and legal issues have followed him every step of the way on his journey to stardom, the rapper has been able to attract thousands of listeners across the globe. Lately, he has found himself embroiled in a number of assault stories, one of the most recent of which is the one in which he allegedly sexually assaulted a girl in South Carolina. The case in question intrigued many of his fans who kept asking him to account on social networks.

Kodak Black addresses sexual assault case after fan tweet

Last Sunday, Yak took to his Twitter account and blurted out: ”  I don’t fuck, I focus on the money and these goals “. The tweet elicited many reactions both good and bad before a fan tweeted it exposing a screenshot of Google results for “Kodak Black rape charges.” The person then wrote: ”  Is that you?” 

The rapper caught wind of the tweet and responded by saying, ”  This case is over and I don’t have to pay anyone!” !!! Everyone knows I didn’t , “he wrote, adding emojis of a middle finger and a smiley face to his remark. He is indeed referring to a case of sexual assault and assault involving a teenage girl in Florence , South Carolina, in 2016. For the record, in April 2021, the rapper from South Florida, who modified his identity as Bill Okay Kapri, agreed to a plea agreement and pleaded guilty to first degree assault in the case.

Kodak Black fans worry about his health

Kodak Black’s behavior during his December 3, 2021 interview with Zias and B. Lou for their YouTube reaction channel is seriously worrying some fans . The aim was to ask the 24-year-old to help annotate last month’s single, “Super Gremlin,” but the eerie energy of the artist-writer of “Roll In Peace” clearly unsettled the hosts at many times.

At the start of the video that went viral, Kodak said he was “attached”, leading Zias and B. Lou to think he meant “tired”. The star from Pompano Beach then explains that in reality he is tired, as if he was dead. Also, while one of the hosts admitted that they were delighted to have the opportunity to chat with him, the singer was distant, looking oddly into the distance and hardly seeming impressed by the praise. On numerous occasions, he is seen staring grimly at the camera in the video.

Now that the visual has been released, fans have had time to share their thoughts. Many have noticed Kodak’s strange behavior and have spoken candidly about it on their profiles. “  Kodak Black looks like it went through CIA sleep deprivation torture ,” one person observed. ”  What’s going on with Kodak Black?”  Another asked. “  Man is on another plane of existence here. I hope he has good people around him. This shit is sad. 

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