Kodak Black gropes its own mother

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Different families, different customs: A viral video shows US rapper Kodak Black dancing with his mother at
an event. So far, so normal. However, in the video it looks to many fans as if the two are a bit too familiar
for mother and son.

Kodak Black gets uncomfortably close to its mother


Borders are probably different from family to family: Many parents stop kissing their children on the mouth
after puberty at the latest – with other families, however, such a kiss remains an integral part of the
welcoming rituals and is therefore completely normal. It is up to the respective family to decide for
themselves where exactly the line between intimacy is drawn. With Kodak Black (now streaming on Apple Music),
however, this very – seemingly barely existing border – between him and his mother seems to trigger uneasiness
in one or the other observer. A video is currently going viral in which the Florida rapper dances with his mother and, as a matter of
course, grabs her ass. He also tries to kiss her on the mouth, which, however, seems a bit uncomfortable to
her – at least in front of the camera. Most of the comments on Twitter agree: So much intimacy between mother
and son is going too far.

Alarming posts: Kodak Black on Twitter


Only at the weekend had fans expressed concern about the mental state of Kodak Black.
He not only tweeted how sad and depressed he was feeling right now, but also expressed possible
suicidal thoughts. He then first deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts, but then reported back
with an all-clear and made it clear that he was not suicidal. Still, it is to be hoped that the rapper will go into therapy, should he have such thoughts.

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