Kodak Black in bad shape on social networks

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Kodak Black is a 24-year-old rapper infamous for his regular failures with the law. He is also the subject of recurring criticism on social media for his questionable actions. Lately, fans have turned on the rapper for leaving his seven-year-old son in inadequate conditions .

Kodak Black, frequent criticism

A few weeks ago, a video of the Love & War performer dancing with her mother at a private party went viral and thousands of people on social media said her behavior was inappropriate with her . In the video, he appears to grab his mother’s buttocks and tries to kiss her on the mouth.

As might be expected, the Internet has been shocked by this shameless closeness that is irrelevant between a son and his mother. Lately, it seems that he has found himself in a similar situation.

Mature wife jerks off Kodak Black’s son

Kodak Black is still under fire this time around for leaking the photo of an adult woman jerking off on her son . Apparently the rapper allowed an adult woman to tweet about his only seven-year-old son at a party.

According to the photo that went viral, it was while rapper Kodak was dancing with his son, King Khalid, that an adult woman approached them to tweet on the child. The little boy had a big smile on his face, but many say it was totally inappropriate. An adult bending over and sticking her butt to a boy’s face, no wonder it gets so many reactions on the internet.

Fans go wild against Kodak Black

When The Neighborhood Talk blog site posted the photo, one netizen commented, “  Jail jail jail jail  .” Another more explicit wrote: “  You must stop taking innocence from children so soon … now is not their time!” Let children be children!  “. Another fan said, “  Kodak comes out sad every time  .”

Kodak Black is in terrible shape with his fans and he could well pass for a man who disrespects neither the innocence of children nor the sacred bond between a son and his mother and the behavior that goes with it. It is very likely that even more indignant reactions will fuse on social networks in the coming days.

The rapper should rethink his behavior in order to show his community that he knows how to be responsible and respectful of things so important. His recent proposal to his girlfriend and mother of baby Maranda is a fine example of responsibility.





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