Kodak Black makes advances to Cardi B’s sister Hennessy Carolina again

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Kodak Black never seems to run out when it comes to Hennessy Carolina. Once again, he makes advances on the web.

“Hennessy Carolina has to marry me,” the rapper wrote on an Instagram image

This is surely not the first time that the world has witnessed statements of this kind from Kodak Black towards Cardi B’s sister . Last May, he had published on his Instagram page this message to Hennessy Carolina: “  I want to eat you until you pass out and die hennessycarolina  ”. 

Hennessy had given no response to this statement. No doubt, very busy with his lover Michelle. However, Kodak does not budge. Yet, not too long ago, Kodak and Mellow Rackz hinted that they were in a relationship and later posted videos that appeared to show they were engaged. 

Then, last month, he boldly proclaimed that he finds it okay to cheat on a partner in a relationship. But that he couldn’t bear for her to do the same. Sacred Kodak!

Apart from all this, he again tries to get Hennessy Carolina’s attention . On Instagram, he posted a screenshot of Cardi B’s sister’s Instagram page, adding these words: “  Hennessy Carolina has to marry me. I will be a good boy.  “.  

In the comments, Internet users affirm that the poor man is undoubtedly in love to show so much stubbornness in the face of the silence of Hennessy Carolina. 

About the latter, according to rumors, she would have ended her relationship with Michelle Diaz. But a reconciliation between the two is not impossible. They always end up being found. 

Does Kodak Black have a chance with Hennessy Carolina? Hopefully she will answer him one day.

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