Kodak Black posts his Donald Trump autographed hat on Instagram with the caption Forever Trump

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Kodak Black continues to sing praises to President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump certainly did that in a matter of moments, but he continues to enjoy the big favor he has given to dozens of people by offering them their freedom. 

By commuting the sentence and offering grace to these dozens of people, he gained esteem in the hearts of all of them, especially in that of Lil Wayne and especially Kodak Black who never stops singing or expressing his profound feelings. gratitude to the former president of the United States of America.

Savior Trump 

Black Kodak had been incarcerated and convicted of firearms. But thanks to the latest signatures from President Joe Biden’s predecessor, he was released from prison soon after due to the pardon granted by Trump.

On its release, the rapper sang praises the POTUS in disgrace and his admiration for the 45 th president of the United States of America curled fanaticism. The rapper treated himself to a championship-style ring covered in diamonds with “Trump Ties” written on it. All his declarations of love for Trump even led Kodak to dream about Trump. “  I had a dream against Trump last night, I love this guy.  He had written in the past. This latest news has undermined Kodak Black with a part of its fan base that cannot digest Trump. But the rapper doesn’t give a damn about losing admirers.

Black Kodak does it again

With the wave of discontent against the Florida rapper for his praise of Trump and his love for his Make America Great Again (MAGA) sports gear, the rapper felt compelled to ring the end of the season. break. He reacted last October with a message warning that he has not finished appreciating the President. “They fucked up, mate. I’m gonna say trump stuff, what do you expect from me? I’m not gonna be like, “Oh, f * ck Trump. No way. Man, god bless that nigga. I could have been in jail right now. The facts, the trust. Probably still fighting with the police . “

If it is true that Kodak Black wanted Trump to stay in power, he still considers him as such and this is what we can understand from his last post on Instagram in connection with Donald Trump. The rapper photographed alongside his jewelry, his shiny watch full-screen next to his red MAGA hat autographed by Trump. In addition to his articles, Kodak Black also praised former President Donald Trump as well as Eric Trump and wrote above the two names, “Forever Trump”. 

But beware, the rapper is still in the crosshairs of justice. He still recently tested positive for the drug despite the restrictions he is under. He was the subject of new legal proceedings for violating the conditions of his supervised release.

Larry Hoover, the great forgotten

The former president allowed many rappers like Lil Wayne and Kodak Black to regain their freedom. While it is true that Trump has a lot of admirers because of this act, he also disappointed Drake and Kanye West a little because of the non-release of Larry Hoover, who was also eligible for the First Step Act. The two legends also always fight in their own way to free the influential man from Gangster Disciples. Their latest action was the free concert offered in Los Angeles on October 9th. 

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