Kodak Black returns with its new single Love & War

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Kodak Black is not taking a break this fourth quarter of the year. The Florida rapper follows up on his excellent performance at the Rolling Loud Festival in Los Angeles with the release of his new single Love & War, which follows the single Closure released a few days ago.

The song’s cover art shows Kodak holding his girlfriend’s hand as a heart of smoke explodes in the sky, against a background of soldiers at the front lines. It’s a great representation of what the rapper is talking about in his lyrics, which says ” she wants love but I want war.”

  ” Can you flick me? I’ll send you a picture of my cock when I’m horny.

If I kiss you on the lips, will you tell your sisters in the morning?

Would you keep it a secret? I’ve never felt this before.

I want to tell you that I like you, but I don’t, because I’m not sure.

I just take her heart and mark it, then love her until she cries.

I break her heart by four, then I don’t want her anymore.

If I eat it, can I cure it? Could I beat him with my sword? ” 

The Love & War chorus was previously used by Kodak on Shoreline Mafia’s song On The Low in 2020. 

This complicated love story comes at the end of a formidable year for Kodak, in which it has stunned audiences with songs like Super Gremlin, Z Look Jamaican and Feelin ‘Peachy.


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