Kojey Radical announces debut album with Gangsta

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Kojey Radical released a track in which he asserts his own definition of the word Gangster.

Kwadwo Adu Genfi Amponsah, known professionally as Kojey Radical , is currently preparing his debut album. If the album is scheduled for release in 2022, the British musician of Ghanaian origin has decided to gratify his fans with a new single he called Gangsta.
This latest release as the title suggests pays homage to gangsters, but not just any. It is not a question of the men holding a weapon in the hand or playing the hustler, but of the gangsters who have only their heart, their tenderness and their perseverance as a formidable weapon.
During four minutes of original live music, Kojey Radical drew the world’s attention to the efforts women put in every day despite the many life situations they endure.

Kojey attached to his family

The defender of the female gender who has already received 3 nominations for the MOBO Awards has cleverly revealed that this piece is to date the most personal work he has done. He highlighted the positive impact of the women in his life. “Whenever I come to any reasoning or self-awareness, it is normally thanks to the advice or the presence of women around me, whether it is my mother, my sisters or the mother of my son”, said Radical.
The artist who knows how to mix alternative rap, spoken word and hip-hop hip-hop grime-y has also himself, apart from his song, explained the purpose of his track. “This song is a celebration of these women and a recognition of all they have been through. To me, their ability to persevere through everything is the definition of what a gangster really is. “

Personal coverage

The track displays a cover largely dominated by Kojey’s face. The presence of water on his face could mean, because of the homage paid to women, that all the women in his life form the source of living water in which he finds his bearings for the rest of the way.

A few words to quote

I think my mom was a gangster
I think my dad was a rolling stone
I was looking for answers
Forgetting that there was rice in the house
It’s everyday, it’s everyday with her, yeah .
And every night she prayed for me, yeah
Tell the hell to stay away from me, yeah
Feed my soul and make a plate for me, yeah

But in the streets I’m awkward
I tried my best to keep it low-key
But my mom worries
i worry too
i worry i worry when problems follow us when i was
scared she cuddled me
but she knew she couldn’t pamper us

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