La Fève: Discover the sales figures of “Errr”

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After OrelSan, Ninho, Rohff or Lacrim, this Friday, December 17 was chosen by one of the most talented young artists of the rap game to unveil his new project. This is La Fève who released his mixtape “  ERRR  ”. After a week of operation, the figures for this new project are now known.

“ERRR”: more than 3000 sales

very talented and prolific rapper , La Fève continues his ascent to the top. Today he is considered to be one of the headliners of a new style of music called “French  new wave “. A musical genre of which he makes us benefit greatly in his new project called “  ERRR  ”. While he had accustomed us to short formats and collaborative projects, the rapper from 94 decided to treat us at the end of the year with a project in the form of a mix-tape.

On the program, the rapper from Fontenay-sous-Bois offers us 18 songs, including 3 quality featurings with rappers just as talented as him, including Zamdane, S.Téban and Souley . A great recipe which was obviously very appreciated by the public. Indeed, after seven days of operation, “  ERRR  ” recorded exactly 3,973 sales, of which 3,964 were streamed and 9 were downloaded. A more honorable score which allows the rapper from Fontenay-sous-Bois to be considered one of the hopes of the French music scene.

Recall that thanks to its good score, La Fève entered the Top 10 of the most streamed albums in the world . Ranked wherein it occupies the th position . We can say that this young prodigy of the 94 has a very great future. While waiting for his next opus or song, we continue to feast with ”  ERRR  ” available on all platforms.

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