Lacrim explains his quarrel with DJ Kore: “I was angry with those around me”

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After several big successes together, Lacrim and his producer Kore got confused in 2017. Fortunately, the two acolytes announced their big comeback as a duet in early 2021 with their hit Mango and Lacrim has just slapped French rap with Persona Non Grata , produced entirely by DJ Kore . During the Lacrim interview with his supporters by Booska P , the Tiger returned to this period of incomprehension between the two men.

” It’s a good question “

On the question of his separation from DJ Kore: ”  I think that there is already a little ego …  maybe on both sides (…)  When I got out of prison, I wanted to be my own boss , Djamel ( DJ Kore), I think he had other plans . So we didn’t agree on that.  “

“There are unspoken”

To make matters worse, Lacrim is imprisoned for a long time during this period, which will prevent the two friends from being able to dialogue and defuse conflicts : “I was in son-pri and from outside I heard the sounds of bells. In prison time, you multiply one piece of information by 4. I was a little upset and left in a bad state of mind. I was angry with those around me . »Regrets El Tigre.

A bad for a good ?

Finally Lacrim takes a positive look at this muddle of the past: ” Today everyone in their place , we have more confidence in each other today and that can be felt in the balance of the album  “.

The two artists are reunited again to the delight of their audience. Moreover, fans have responded as Persona Non Grata , available since early December 2021 , has recorded very high scores since its release!

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