Lacrim finally gives the real reasons for his confusion with SCH

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If there is one clash that has greatly aroused curiosity in recent years, it is the one between Lacrim and SCH . Formerly friends, the two rappers have recently been cold. While they never really revealed the cause of their dispute, Lacrim has just put an end to the mystery. During an interview, he returned to his beef with the S and made several revelations.

“We are supposed to be associated with what never happened”

Last December 10, Lacrim made his comeback in the game with his new album entitled ”  Persona non grata “. A successful comeback since this opus has accumulated more than 18,000 sales for the first week of operation. Currently, the figures of ”  Persona non grata  ” continue to climb especially after the Space that the Tiger has made on Twitter where he answered frankly several questions from Internet users.

However, determined to quickly obtain his first certification, he continues to promote his new jewel. To this end, the rapper from 94 who participated in the “  Organized Classico ”, gave an interview to the media “  Booska-P ”. An interview during which he returned to several very important subjects such as his new album, his career and his relationship with other artists .

On this last point, the interpreter of “Boston George  ” evoked his conflict with SCH. A beef that dates from 2017 and for which the two rappers have never revealed the real cause. In his interview, El Tiguere decided to put an end to the various speculations by revealing the real reasons which led to this misunderstanding. At first, he said he had already had some history with the S before the real problem was revealed. “I had a history with SCH, for example, where I did not have a contractual signature. It does not necessarily concern the artist SCH directly, but it was produced by a guy with whom I was associated and I did not touch a euro. “  : He lamented.

The rapper from 94 continued by declaring: “  SCH is an artist who becomes boss afterwards because I go into the loop with my friends, with my friends and we remove this producer and we put SCH producer. You see, I take her mother to Paris and I open a box for her. His Baron Rouge box is my lawyer, we are the ones who paid him for his box and we are supposed to be associated with what never happened ”. Subsequently, he concluded by saying: ”  So, I tell you, in the future, I will not get fucked any more”.

A detailed and precise explanation that will help enlighten the public a little better on the reasons that have deteriorated the beautiful relationship that existed between his two mastodons of French rap. For the time being, SCH has not yet reacted. Will he do it? or Will he continue to be silent? Stay tuned on Hip Hop Corner to find out.

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