Lacrim has accumulated 23,730 sales in 2 weeks with its “Persona Non Grata” project

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On Friday, December 10, Lacrim made his thunderous return to the rap game with a new opus called “Persona Non Grata”. Since the release of this project, the rapper has achieved impressive figures. During the first week of operation, Lacrim made 18,196 sales. A few hours ago, the rapper accumulated 23,730 sales of his album in 2 weeks.

“Persona Non Grata”: the opus which served as a springboard for a future project with Mister You

Lacrim is currently considered one of the essential rappers of the French rap game. With 10 years of career, the rapper from Chevilly-Larue (94) has imposed his music through a raw rap, deep and which perfectly reflects experience. On Friday, December 10, the rapper marked his return with a new album entitled “Persona Non Grata”. A year after his “RIPRO 4”, Lacrim returned with a new album to show his fans his big ambitions that go with his status. On this new project, the rapper has chosen to offer his admirers 17 tracks as well as very beautiful featurings.

Collaboration includes Mister You, Le Rat Luciano, Niro, Koba LaD, Morad and We Renoi. Note that before the release of this opus, 3 songs were already known by the public in this case “The Immortal”, “Kanun” and “Señor de los Gallos”. This album “Persona Non Grata” by the rapper from Chevilly-Larue (94) also served as a springboard for a future project already announced. As a reminder, a few days ago, Lacrim announced that he will release a joint project with his sidekick Mister You, to the delight of the fans. Either way, all fans are looking forward to the release of Lacrim and Mister You’s next joint project.

“Persona Non Grata” achieves remarkable success after two weeks of operation

“Persona Non Grata” was one of the most anticipated projects during this end of the year. Indeed, after two weeks of sales , the figures achieved by this opus of the Tiguere were quite simply exceptional. As a reminder, after getting off to a good start with 1.87 million streams in 24 hours, this Lacrim album recorded no less than 12,672 sales after three days of sales. However, this figure was nothing compared to the figures for the first week of operation. Note that seven days after the release of this opus, “Persona Non Grata” has accumulated 18,196 sales. 8,672 in physical version, 263 in download and 9,261 in streaming. It was a very remarkable score that allowed the rapper from Chevilly-Larue to climb to 6th place on the Top Album just behind the Marseille machine Jul.

After two weeks of operation, this Lacrim album has accumulated more than 23,730 sales . Either way, the numbers for “Persona Non Grata” should no doubt continue to climb especially as the rapper continues to promote his album. So, fans can expect the rapper to get another gold record for his album in the coming days. Apart from the thunderous numbers that we accumulated the opus, the rapper also received many positive opinions on this opus from the listeners. Some admirers have even ranked this album among the best of this year. The rapper did not fail to thank them on social networks. “12th draft and you’re still there. Thank you to you I love you. It’s hard to maintain a career for so long, it’s thanks to you I’m going to go back to work to make you enjoy it ”: he said.

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