Lacrim offers a very nice surprise in the pre-orders of “ Persona Non Grata ”

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As the deadline for his next album called ” Persona non grata ”  approaches, Lacrim is developing a great marketing technique. The rapper had the idea to insert 26 banknotes in denomination of 500 euros in the pre-orders.

Pre-orders: an opportunity to sell the most albums

In the rap world, to succeed in selling the maximum number of copies of your project, it is necessary to establish an effective marketing strategy. In addition to increasing sales, this technique should make it possible to have a profound impact on the public. This rule, many rappers have understood it and have recently adopted it to promote their project.

As an example, we can cite Orelsan who inserted golden tickets in five physical editions of his new project “Civilization” . Tickets that give lucky holders unlimited access to all his concerts. A great strategy that was also adopted by the singer Angèle who is also in full promotion of her next album ” Nonante-cinq ” .

Recently, we also saw the rapper Niska who decided instead to launch a video game on mobile called ‘ ‘ The world is bad ” to promote his mixtape of the same name. In addition, in order to sell the most copies of their project, other artists opt for the making of limited edition pairs of shoes, bags or specific objects in their effigy that they offer to the public. Marketing strategies that show very good results for the most part.

Lacrim is very generous

Today, it’s up to Lacrim to unveil its marketing technique. For the promotion of his next album ” Persona Non Grata ” which is scheduled for release on December 10, the interpreter of ” Boston George ” preferred to be original. Indeed, the rapper from Chevilly-Larue has decided to offer as a gift, to all those who will buy his opus in pre-order, a copy of the physical edition of the first project of his career called “ Liberté Provisoire ” . Unveiled in June 2010, this opus had never been offered on a large scale in this format.

In addition, very generous to its audience, the Tiguere announced a few hours ago an additional gift. In a video shared on social networks, we can see the rapper slipping a 500 euros note in 26 physical editions of his album ” Liberté Provisoire ”. A strategic marketing campaign which will have cost a total of 13,000 euros to Lacrim and his manager Oumar Samaké. To hope to fall on this small fortune, it will be necessary to be very fast, but also lucky.

We’ll meet in two weeks to discover together ” Persona Non Grata ” which will be available in stores and on all streaming platforms. We hope that this album will collect more certifications than Lacrim’s latest project, RIPRO 4, a mixtape certified gold by the SNEP.

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