Larry Hoover Jr. opens up about his father’s feelings on Kanye West & Drake’s charity concert

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We are a few days away from the Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert which is considered the biggest event of the year. 

As the concert for him approaches, Larry Hoover Sr. seems very worried

The two stars of American rap Kanye West and Drake have officially ended their conflict last month to help the release of Larry Hoover Sr . 

Ye had previously spoken out about Hoover’s imprisonment during his visit to the White House in 2018 and continued his efforts in his latest album, DONDA.

According to HotnewHipHop, Larry Hoover Jr. showed support for Ye during his recent interviews. He recently joined the Drea O Show where he shared his thoughts on the charity show, as well as his father’s feelings about it. 

He first applauded Drake and Kanye for reuniting, then explained that his father had reservations about the event. Larry Hoover Sr. is said to be “worried” because he cannot predict how this will ultimately affect him or his business. 

“Yes, he is aware of it and he must be worried because he doesn’t know how it can affect him. He is concerned that it will affect him negatively because it shows his influence, but his influence is positive. He’s an influential person, that won’t go away. Said Hoover Jr. 

Recall that Hoover has already asked the courts to reduce his life sentence under the First Step law, which allows those convicted of crack-related offenses to challenge their sentence, but the judge has not rendered an official decision. . The concert scheduled for today December 09 could well impact the decision of the courts.

The show will air in select IMAX theaters, but information has yet to be confirmed.

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