Latto praises Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, defends himself against criticism

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It’s almost impossible these days to see an artist show his admiration for a fellow without fans seeing it as a pretext for a rap conflict. Rapper Latto experienced it.

Latto recently praised Cardi B for supporting her career by having her featured on not only the soundtrack but also the music video for the track WAP . After congratulating Cardi, she also shared a video in which she goes by the nickname Latto Minaj while rapping on her own lyrics. 

After receiving negative reactions, Latto reacted on Twitter

“ You are all weird lmao. I thanked Cardi for what she did for me and said what I said, ” she wrote. ” I made it very clear that I love them both, so suck my cock I’m fine without a ft, I’m not paying homage just for having a ft.” She also added, “Because literally it’s not that bad. I doubt Nicki and Cardi care that much lmao. I love them both and yes, I would love to collaborate with both artists, but I promise I’m not going to die if I don’t feature one of them. “Latto added that she is not speaking to one particular fanbase, but to those who have a restrictive idea of ​​who she should or should not talk about.

Yesterday the Bruised soundtrack was released featuring some of the sexiest women in rap today. Halle Berry collaborated there with Cardi B to co-produce the soundtrack which includes appearances by City Girls, Saweetie, DreamDoll and Latto.

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