Launch of the “French Waltz” perfume: Tyler The Creator and Tracee Ellis Ross appear in matching outfits

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After announcing the expansion of its Golf le Fleur site with the releases of French Waltz and new clothing a few days ago, Tyler, The Creator has walked the talk. The rapper officially launched his perfume on Monday. However, during the launching ceremony, a fairly explicit detail caught the public’s attention.

Tyler’s new “French Waltz” perfume, The Creator already available

Tyler, The Creator officially launched its new fragrance “French Waltz” on Monday after months of teasing. The launch also includes “Georgia Peach”, “Glitter” and “Geneva Blue” nail polishes, which are cruelty-free and non-toxic. The polish coming to Georgia Peach, Geneva Blue and Glitter – costs 20 %% EDITORCONTENT %% nbsp; on Tyler’s site, and as the brand shares on Instagram, each color is a “  long-lasting solid gloss finish  .” Polish names, of course, are a nod to a T’s discography and things he loves, and it makes it easier for fans to get their hands on his latest products. 

According to the rapper’s explanation, the perfume is available in three sizes: 10 ML, 50 ML and 100 ML. “  FRENCH WALTZ dozed off in the garden, using the sun as a towel to dry off the leftover pearl water from the lake. The scent of damp jasmine petals sails through the air, while notes of tangerine and magnolia amplify the luminous sandalwood. Soft but floral, FRENCH WALTZ is a rose-musk made for everyone , ”he describes.

“  It’s not like a T-shirt, ” Tyler shared on Twitter Sunday before the official launch. “ It’s not a very limited number. It is not for the “sold out” button. I tried to make it bigger in the hope that everyone can get the perfume or the polish,  ”he said.

The rapper and innovator, whose  Call Me If You Get Lost was ranked as Complex’s # 1 album in 2021, teased his latest products in an interview with Complex over the summer, where he mentioned fragrances. like something he was hoping to release under Golf le Fleur.

Tyler shared with Women’s Wear Daily that his late friend Virgil Abloh, who died on November 28 at the age of 41, played an important role in helping him get what he needed to broaden his creative horizons. “Some of this Golf la Fleur clothing is made in Italy and is handmade, and do you know who organized it for me? He did it, ”Tyler said. “ He was on calls and emails getting this stuff up for me in a world I didn’t know, educating me so much, and [with] the launch, I wanted him so badly there so he could see what his helping hand turned into… But now I just have to go harder. I just really have to make it happen, because I think he wanna see me keep making it He had declared.

Tyler, The Creator and Tracee Ellis Ross dressed as hotel bellboys!

The Californian rapper hosted an exclusive event this weekend in Malibu to commemorate the launch , inviting some of his best friends, including Jaden Smith , to the party. Actress Tracee Ellis Ross was also in attendance, stealing the show by pairing up with Tyler, wearing nearly identical outfits including a stylized Call Me If You Get Lost briefcase.

Indeed, both performers wore similar ‘ animal  ‘ print shirts  and loose pants, pairing them with a blue cardigan for Tracee (Tyler wore a yellow one) and a matching hat (Tyler’s was brown). The photos were posted on Tracee’s Instagram Stories, where she thanked Jaden Smith for letting her complete the look.

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