Laylow: his album “Trinity” is certified platinum by the SNEP

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“Trinity,” released February 28, 2020, is rapper Laylow’s debut album. Since the release of the first clip from this album, Laylow has been desired. Despite the wait that became unbearable for his fans, the rapper remained focused and did not give in to the haste. Currently, this opus by the rapper has just been certified platinum by the SNEP.

A first platinum certification for Laylow

Less than a year after its release, Laylow’s album “Trinity” was certified gold . Everyone hoped for it and it’s done. The atmosphere both mysterious and ultra thoughtful of the French rapper has visibly conquered. After four introductory EPs, “Trinity” was the rapper’s debut studio album. With his old projects, he gave free rein to his imagination in order to offer an ultra-complete futuristic album.

It was with great pleasure that the fans discovered the multiple levels of the “Trinity” virtual training program which is undoubtedly a sign of the meticulous organization of the project. At the same time, the various featurings available in the opus (Lomepal, Alpha Wann, Jok’air, SPri Noir and Wit) have also attested to the finished character of the album. Today, after being certified gold, this opus by Laylow has been certified platinum by the SNEP. A certification more than deserved for the rapper.

Laylow with a smooth course

It has been such a long road for Laylow, but his success will only be more appreciable. The year 2020 seems to be a happy one for Laylow . The rapper staged a full Olympia a day before the gatherings ban and an album that continues to score well. Indeed, a few months ago, various sources such as Midi / Minuit or the RapFRActu Twitter account, announced that Laylow’s “Trinity” had exceeded 25,000 sales. It was a surprise for some and a logical continuation for others. The artist has thus acquired a very solid fan-base over the years, especially in 2018 with the release of. RAW and. RAW-Z. The rapper’s particular universe seems to conquer more and more people.

The opus “Trinity” by Laylow, very largely inspired by the movie Matrix is doing well in terms of listening. It is a passionate story between the rapper and a software called Trinity. From then on, this project arouses the desire to be listened to from start to finish in the hope of understanding the story. From melancholy to love through anger and egotrip, this album is a true masterpiece. Laylow experienced many different emotions in his sounds thanks to the emotional stimulation software that is Trinity. Discover once again this master stroke of Laylow.

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