LeBron James reveals his love for Tory Lanez’s new ’80s album to the world

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For those who don’t know him, Tory Lanez is a vocalist born in Toronto, Ontario and raised across the United States. During his young career, the rapper collaborated with a large number of artists and produced albums that have toured the world and won thousands of hearts. The years not having the better of his talent, the rapper continues the release of his clips and albums day by day, and this, rallying to his cause many celebrities . As proof, you have his last album from the 80s which is causing a lot of mayhem on the web currently with his fans and celebrities including LeBron James who did not hesitate to proclaim his love for the said project.

Tory was the last to play in LeBron’s car

Tory Lanez’s new album, Alone At Prom , released on December 10 , caused quite a stir in the hip-hop world. He showcases his music and his unusual melodic abilities. Promotional singles “Lady of Namek” and “87 Stingray” have also made a lot of noise before the release of the project. It is to say that this new era of Tory Lanez is one of the most impressive. His notoriety is enough to catch the attention of NBA star and ambassador LeBron James.

Basketball legend James is renowned for his listening sessions in the car. He often listens to new rap tracks in his car and praises the artists on his Instagram story. The multi-title basketball player, in order to perpetuate his tradition, appeared last Saturday listening to two of the songs from Alone At Prom . As he vibrated to tracks like “  Enchanted Waterfall, ” which opens the album, and “  The Color Violet, ” the fourth song, LeBron showed his admiration for the singer’s project by saying, “  MAN THIS BOY IS COLD AS HELL MAN !!! ALONE AT PROM IS (fire emojis). ” 

As a reminder, Alone At Prom is Tory’s second project in 2021, since he released his Playboy “capsule” in March, full of his famous melodic trap and an astonishing featuring by Chris Brown. He always seemed to be a more low-key artist, who is only celebrated by those who are not part of the general public. That’s what makes a LeBron rant a pleasant surprise and Tory responded by confirming Bron’s opinion, “  THE KING @KINGJAMES HAS TALKED. ” 

“Alone At Prom”, a project that made Tory Lanez, Ashton Rain in the 80s capsule

Tory Lanez knows how to properly define and execute a theme. The rapper-singer teased the arrival of his latest project in weeks by carefully revealing sneak peeks from the record that pays homage to the 1980s. Although the rapper has legal issues that continue to haunt him, he has continued his career. fervently, and his fans have supported him all the way.

In order to make Alone At Prom as he envisioned, Lanez created a character, Ashton Rain, who acts like an alter ego in a way. “  Ashton Rain is a mix of Hall & Oates, Toto, Michael Jackson, Rick James and more ,” said the author of the mixtape The New Toronto . “  The music was so retro and nostalgic that the character had to be created and authenticated through the film, the image and the music video.

Ashton Rain is today’s last hope for a full catalog now and later of pure 80s pop, R&B, alternative and rock music and I’m excited for everyone to hear what I’ve got. poured out my passion with the album Alone At Prom. ” 

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