Leentokyyo balance last clip futurist « GPS »

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Leentokyyo   is in the game. After fashion, the artist has just unveiled his first clip entitled ”  GPS  “. A powerful piece in which she displays her musical identity.

Leentokyo is a stoic artist reminiscent of an Asian cyborg. After becoming known to the general public in the field of fashion, in particular thanks to collaborations with big brands like Nike, Calvin Klein and Adidas alongside Kendall Jenner, Leentokyyo decided to take another field by storm: that of rap. With her community on social networks, the young rapper unveiled her very first clip.

Entitled “GPS”, this first clip is a pure auditory and visual masterpiece. It is a title with melodious trap sounds, combined with a cinematographic image setting, where the artist highlights his atypical universe via references to Asian culture in particular manga, Korean series like Squid Games but also and above all the futuristic universe of Japan. The track is the first single from his first EP announced for 2022.

Leentokyyo  arrives in force. She is undoubtedly the new representative of Asian rap in France and is to be followed very closely.

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