Lil Cease admits Biggie wrote his rhymes because he was too ‘shy’ to do so

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His life may have been cut short in the 1990s, but The Notorious BIG’s memory remains unshakeable, through his legacy carried on by his family, loved ones as well as his community of fans who have continued to place his hits at the top of the list. their list of ”  favorites “. Biggie has helped many artists in his neighborhood get started, including Junior MAFIA, his prodigy son.

The rapper, member of Lil Ceas e recently spoke on VladTV and discussed parts of his career as a rapper. “  I really started rapping after Biggie died,” Cease said. “When I had to write my album. Before that, Biggie wrote the raps for me. “

Don’t “worry about what you say, but how you say it”.

The rapper specifies, however, that “Everyone else wrote their rhymes,” before naming his peers. “The main friends he had were me, Nino, Chico, Capone and Bugsy. Nino, Capone and Bugsy are all related. We didn’t rap, but Chico did. He lived a building further than Big. He was rapping. Most of the artists in Junior MAFIA rapped, but I wasn’t a rapper. It was just an idea he had to play with them for a year before we got our contract. “

“[Chico] got his contract, his album came out in 1994. We came out in 95,” he said. He saw me playing with them and he said to me: “You have it, but you don’t rap”. He was trying to get me to rap, but I was intimidated because I was like, “This nigga is so nice, he’s so awesome, I can’t write anything that comes close to what that fucking nigga do “. Still, Biggie has long encouraged Cease to pick up his pen and test his limits. Big’s advice to his friend is not to “worry about what you say, but how you say it”. Cease continued to avoid writing his own songs, so Biggie took responsibility for helping Cease gain recognition.

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