Lil Duval says Kodack Black and Kendrick Lamar are on the same level lyrically

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Comedian Lil Duval spoke out on social media Tuesday morning, sparking debate among his hip-hop fans. 

The 44-year-old actor has praised Florida rapper Kodak Black , comparing him to one of this generation’s biggest names, Kendrick Lamar, and saying he thinks they’re on the same level on the plan. lyrical. As you might expect, people took to arms as soon as the message was posted on their newsfeeds, not agreeing with Duval’s opinion.

“Forgive my godfather, his weed is very strong sometimes,” one fan joked under the tweet, to which Duval replied, ”  So you can’t see it?” “.

The comedian went on to explain that one of Kodak’s most recent songs, Before I Go with Rod Wave, convinced him that Yak is as good at lyrically as Kendrick. He also responded to a fan who claimed that Kendrick had more spirituality in his music than Kodak, saying, “  No, you’re wrong, Kodak is most certainly spiritually connected. This is what makes it special. “

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