Lil Duval Says “You Can’t Blame Travis Scott” For Astroworld Tragedy

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As the investigation into this year’s Astroworld festival continues, Lil Duval offers his support to Travis Scott. On Tuesday, the comedian took to Twitter to say he believes the rapper should be absolved of the charges related to the recent tragedy.

Travis Scott, disgraced

As REVOLT previously reported, Scott’s Astroworld festival kicked off on Friday (November 5), but the 50,000 people in attendance proved difficult to control, resulting in a stampede that resulted in the loss of at least eight lives and more than a hundred injured. The Houston emcee has since been targeted for continuing with the concert despite attempts by fans to notify them of people in need of medical assistance. Houston Police Chief Troy Finner claimed to have warned Travis Scott of his “concerns about public safety “, while Fire Chief Samuel Peña believes the rapper had the power to stop the show . If someone had said: ” Hey, stop it all and turn on the lights until it’s all fixed ” – and that is coming from whoever has the mic – I think that could have been very helpful,” Peña said.

Lil Duval defends Travis Scott

Amid all this popular disapproval, finding people in the industry willing to stand by Scott’s side during the scandal has been rare, but there are those like Duval who believe it could have happened in any festival, anywhere in the world, anytime. The actor affirms that such a thing “could have happened at any great event” “ and said to himself  ” surprised that it did not happen sooner “.

“You can’t blame Travis Scott for this Astroworld shit,” the comedian tweeted . “It could have happened at any big event. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. It’s damn impossible to have so many people in one place with so much energy and nothing happening. “ He later added that ” Even if they had stopped the event, it would have made the crowd stopped. It probably would have made it worse . Duval’s post follows Erykah Badu’s supportive tweet to Scott. On Monday she wrote, “God bless you @trvisXX. Have a good trip to all souls. I am so sorry “.

Scott along with his Kardashian-Jenner family and friends have all released statements regarding the eight fatalities and hundreds of injuries sustained by fans. While they all receive backlash for various reasons, people like Ireland Baldwin, Alec Baldwin’s daughter, as well as Lil Duval have stood up for the rapper.

Scott, Drake, and Live Nation are currently the subject of legal proceedings. including one involving nine-year-old Ezra Blount, who currently suffers from organ failure and brain swelling after being stepped on during the event. Travis Scott “absolutely” should have interrupted his concert at the Astroworld festival, according to the Houston fire chief.

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