Lil Kim sharply reframe Angela Yee for discussing her tension with Nicki Minaj

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Lil Kim is not at all thrilled with a recent initiative from American host Angela Yee . The rapper accuses the latter of wanting to add fuel to the fire after posting an old interview relating to her quarrel with Nicki Minaj. An act in the face of which Kim did not hesitate to express his dissatisfaction.

Angela Yee wags the knife in an old wound

Nicki Minaj has been a hot topic of conversation and has been for over a decade. Ever since she showed a stunning performance on stage alongside Drake as the faces of Lil Wayne’s YMCMB Cash Money sub-label in the early 2010s, the famous rapper has garnered a ton of publicity and has been used as fodder. Internet by fans and media. 

Amid the recent return of The Pinkprint performer to social media following the birth of her child and her husband’s lingering legal issues resulting from an alleged sexual assault, Minaj has been the subject of much content surrounding her. tension with fellow New York rapper Cardi B. However, despite attempts to drag Halle Berry and Winnie Harlow into the alleged war between the two, this is another topic that has sparked tensions elsewhere.

In fact, in a recent Facebook post, Angela Yee , co-host and staple of Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club , posted footage of an interview with Lil Kim. In the interview, Kim explains her falling out with Minaj and claimed that Birdman and Cash Money didn’t want her near the superstar.

While the tension between Kim and Minaj had indeed reached its peak at the time of the recording of this interview, the author of “Crush On You” did not hesitate to express her dissatisfaction with the act of the ‘facilitator. Without tongue in cheek, Kim has let Yee know that she does not agree with her act, which she sees as a way of blowing on the embers. ”  Why are we talking about this, how many years has this interview been ? Kim commented on Yee’s Facebook post. ”  Like really Angela Yee ??? This shit is WACK but go viral ! », Lamented star Kimberly Denise Jones.

Lil Kim and Nicky Minaj in a longtime tension

The opposition between the two rappers dates back more  than ten years . Between  tumultuous  and  stinging remarks  in their respective tracks, Lil Kim and Nicki do not feel a bit of friendship for each other. Indeed it all started with the cover of Nicki’s 2008 mixtape, Sucka Free , on which Nicki appeared squatting in a bra and panties. The illustration resembles the one from Lil ‘Kim’s 1996 Hardcore album that she had also crouched on. This is how Lil gave the top of the controversy by accusing Nicki of having copied him. The 46-year-old rapper called the  Queen Barb of being a “mini Lil Kim”, accusing her of imitating her flow. Nicki as for her, wrote many heated titles against the interpreter of  Crush on You.

The situation remained tense until Nicki cast a shadow over Kim through  Diddy’s remixed ”  Hello Good Morning ” track in which she performed. In November 2010, Lil ‘Kim opened up about her feelings for Nicki during an appearance at Club Pure in Queens, Nicki’s hometown. There the queen bee said, ” First of all, I don’t even need a disk now and I’ll kill that bitch with my old shit.” My records didn’t just hit the charts, they made history. What the fuck is that shit? This shit comes and goes, are you kidding me? » An exit in the face of which Nicki’s reply was not long in coming.

The rapper called Kim a sore loser . “  You went down in history now as a sore loser, instead of going down in history as the queen… don’t play with me,” she said. Today, obviously, fans of the two talented rappers can’t wait to see their idols one day bury the hatchet after nearly a decade of falling out.

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