Lil Nas X Confronts Her Ex In Hilarious “Maury Show” Episode

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This is the Maury Show episode that fans have been waiting for a while. Yesterday, Lil Nas X appeared on the talk show whose announcement gave way to much speculation from the internet community, and the full version of yesterday’s episode showed, Lil Nas X involved in a bitter love triangle.

Lil Nas X is ready for Maury’s lie detector results!

“Outrageous love triangles and outrageous results today on Maury,” Povich said at the start of the episode, which featured the same exaggerated antics as in other episodes of Maury – in which guests run around, fight and argue. on fidelity, paternity testing and other love issues.

The episode took place in the purest tradition of Maury, and played on the intrigues present in the clip “That’s What I Want” of Lil Nas X. He appeared there simply under the name of Montero to declare to l host Maury Povich has her love for fellow guest Yai Ariza, who also turns out to be the Grammy Award-winning football teammate and lover in the music video for her flagship song “That’s What I Want.”

The line between reality and parody is pretty blurry in the clip, as Lil Nas X previously revealed that he was indeed dating Ariza and that he might do it again someday. “We dated, and we’re still on great terms,” admitted Lil Nas X last month. 

” I love it ; he is incredible. I kind of wanted to focus on my music right now, ”he explained, calling Ariza“ the best person I’ve ever dated,  before adding, “ I’m still very much in love, but I really love it. trying to manage, you know? “.

In a love triangle…. Doubts set in

The episode, which aired on Maury’s official YouTube channel, also stars Ashley, Yai Ariza’s enraged wife, reprising her role in the clip. Lil Nas X played the role of the confident lover cheekily, angering Ashley even more by telling her that he didn’t think Ariza was the real father of her child.  “I feel like a hell of a fool,” the star said. “He’s been lying to me since the day we met. He never told me about his wife, Ashley, and don’t get me started on that goddamn baby. I have a big heart, and I want someone who loves me. How can he love me and love Ashley at the same time? “The talks even went so far as to offer a paternity test and lie detector to shed light on Ariza and Ashley’s relationship issues. 

The ending of the Maury episode showed a shocked Ashley running out of the studio after the paternity test revealed Ariza was not the father of her baby boy, to later see Lil Nas X do the same afterward. that a lie detector test also revealed Ariza’s infidelity to her.

“Montero came to the Maury show, and Maury was happy to help Montero tell this story and contribute to the creative vision for LNX,” a spokesperson for the show said Wednesday in a statement to the LA Times.

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