Lil nas x empathizes with Dababy following his comments on stage at Rolling Loud

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Beyond glories and certifications, we are also witnessing unfortunate events in the musical world. The American rapper Dababy understood this quickly when he saw his remarks go viral recently. His entry on stage at the Rolling Loud cost him dearly and aroused enormous reactions. Faced with this unfortunate situation, Lil Nas X feels his compassion for his colleague.

 “I’m not going to lie, I feel bad for Dababy (…)”

Nobody presents Lil Nas X today in the galaxy of American rap. The 22-year-old rapper easily stands out for his particular and very daring style. With more than provocative acts, he shakes up the American hip-hop universe. Lil Nas works to move Puritan America through bold imagery. If he now assumes his sexual orientation, we must admit that the native of Georgia had to come a long way. His belonging to this sexual minority had plunged him into the depths of shame. Discovery that would have even earned him a desire to suicide at 16 years old.

From his debut in 2018, Lil Nas rocked a single called “Old tome road  ”. This piece will not take long to take an ascending dimension and becomes a planetary tube. With shattering releases never dared before, the rapper is tagged. He immediately released his first album called “  Montéro  ” in reference to his name. However, he will not stop there because of the prejudices of some music lovers. The doors to success open and Lil Nas wins the Country Music Association award . With an album ranked number 2 on the Billboard top 200, everything seemed to take shape in order to progress.

It’s obvious that GQ nominated the young rapper as one of their men in 2021. In an interview, he denounced the hyper-masculine culture of modern hip-hop. He then showed his sympathy for his counterpart Dababy who is going through a tough time. “I’m not going to lie, I feel bad for Dababy. I hope he will come out of it. I hope he will be able to. But I don’t know, the whole landscape is hypermasculine “ he blurted out in front of GQ.

Dababy, still so steadfast

The American rapper does not make the incident a big deal. Social networks are struggling to destroy the image of the native rapper from Cleveland. Despite the many posts of apologies, music lovers do not hear it that way. Comments continue to fuse on the sites still expressing their dissatisfaction.

But Charlotte’s lyricist seems more serene than ever. He continues to be talked about, especially thanks to his presence on the remix of “ Twinnem ” by Coi Leary. Among other things, Dababy is preparing his “ Live Show Killa ” tour which should make his blase resonate soon. Moreover, according to his colleague, the best way forward would be to learn from his mistake and grow from it.

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