Lil Pump facing taxes

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Gazzy Garcia’s real name, Lil Pump is practically thrown into the dark today. However, until 2018, the rapper was still on the rise and happily enjoyed his single ”  Gucci Gang  ”. This song was a great success and had even propelled the rapper to the rank of the most promising artists of the game.

A heavy slate

3 years later, Lil Pump is no longer talked about. In any case, not musically. We recently learned that the rapper owes the sum of 1,676,738.65 dollars to the body responsible for collecting taxes in the United States. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) therefore informs Lil Pump that he must pay this slate relating to his mansion in Miami. The mansion in question, the rapper had to pay $ 5 million to acquire it.

According to the IRS, Garcia would be deprived of his property if he did not pay off this huge debt very quickly. This slate could have a heavy impact on the finances of the rapper who seems musically to regress.

Recall that in 2019, Lil Pump had already been at the heart of a financial scandal where he was accused of a default: a sum of nearly $ 90,000 was at stake. The rapper denied the facts by defending himself on its various social networks, touting its income.

In addition, Garcia has been the father of a baby boy since 2020. But even in this area, the situation does not appear to be good. Indeed, the interpreter of “Gucci gang” accuses his “babymama” ‘of keeping her away from her son.



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