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Admittedly, Lil Pump is usually known for drawing attention to itself with negative headlines . True to the motto: “Bad press is also press”. But apparently there was a change of heart in the 21-year-old. Lately, Lil Pump’s moves have been extremely well received by fans.

Lil Pump plays rock-paper-scissors for sneakers

Most recently, Pump went viral with a TikTok in which he shows how he buys a young fan new sneakers after a game of rock-paper-scissors. The boy had challenged the apparently shopping Lil Pump with a cell phone note through the shop window. The Florida rapper agreed, losing the second round after a first draw.


Pump then brought the Schnick-Schnack-Schnuck winner into the store and redeemed his gambling debts. In addition to a meet & greet and a Polaroid photo, he left the store with fresh Nike Dunks in his luggage.

Both the comments on the TikTok and a repost by DJ Akademiks have nothing but praise and love for Lil Pump. One user writes that Lil Pump is actually a nice guy and another explains that he likes “the new Lil Pump”. Some even claim that such good deeds could herald a Lil Pump comeback .

Lil Pump brings wheelchair users onto the stage

Almost two weeks ago, Lil Pump caused a (positive) stir when he shared footage of his performance in Montreal. There he discovered a crowdsurfing wheelchair user in the audience and summarily brought him onto the stage.

The man inspired rappers and crowd alike with his spectacular moves.


Lil Pump’s homeboy Smokepurpp has recently been on everyone’s lips again. However, for less pleasant reasons. The number of guests at one of his club performances caused a lot of ridicule on the net.

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