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Just over a week after he was badly shot in an attempted robbery, Lil Tjay’s family say his recovery is on track.

After not far from the worst a little over a week ago, Lil Tjay , who is out of danger today, has now entered the recovery phase. And if we are to believe information from TMZ , which cites family sources close to the rapper, things are now starting to go better since the New York rapper, who remains hospitalized, would make significant progress.If he keeps a tube in order to breathe, Lil Tjay is awake and reactive and would be able to speak without difficulty, which could allow him to exchange with the investigators, who wish to know his version of the facts. According to the first elements of the investigation, the rapper was in a New Jersey shopping center with 2 friends when several men tried to rob him. Faced with their resistance, the latter will open fire and the author of the song In My Head , hit in the chest and in the neck, will be seriously injured, even to the point of being plunged into a coma for several days.

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Suspected shooter arrested

As a reminder, the police got their hands on 3 men, including the one they suspect of having opened fire on Lil Tjay. A few hours after the shooting, she therefore presented a man named Mohamed Konate, aged 27, as being the man who seriously injured the artist, who very clearly came close to death. Inevitably, the testimony of the native of the Bronx – if he agrees to speak – will also add weight to the accusation in order to obtain the heaviest possible sentence for his attackers. Lil Tjay fans can in any case be reassured about his health, and we can hope that he will not have any sequelae in the future.

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