Lil Troy escapes fatal fire with his 18-wheel truck

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Legend Lil Troy testified about the circumstances of the deadly fire that could have claimed his life earlier this week.

Music Beyond Passion is a profession that is meant to nurture its man. If many rappers after their brilliant careers think they are resisting the wear and tear by forcing longevity through a few other outings with veteran status, there are some who find it difficult to let go of the system and convert back into a producer or host of Podcast. Far from all these too stereotypical choices, Lil Troy decided to forge his own path with a profession totally far from the musical universe. The iconic Houston rapper has decided to make asphalt and steering wheel his new traveling companions in his retraining. He started working as a large transporter, but this new profession has just taught him his first professional lesson. 

In the heat of the moment

Lil Troy owes one to his God. The rapper did an interview with death. He came very close to being burnt alive. He escaped a serious fatal incident with his 18-wheeler truck that became his place of work.

The legend confided in ABC 13 News by going over the details of this fire from which he was able to narrowly extricate himself. He explained that he saw smoke coming out from under the hood of his truck and understood that his life was in danger. “  I think God has a better plan for me,  ” he said. “  Life after music. Do something different. My second trip in life. Something different I can do  ”. He added that he resisted a little before making the salutary decision to take the field key with his glasses, his phone and his keys. ” Just before I got ready to go out, I started to see fire and flames coming out of the hood. I was like, “Oh, I have to get that truck out. Do you know what I’m saying? It’s fire! », He said in addition.

Thanks to the fire soldier

Apart from his life, his glasses, his phone and his keys, Lil Troy couldn’t get anything else back. The fire could have claimed more lives if the firefighters had failed to bring the fire under control after a long and strategic struggle. The survivor took advantage of the platform to pay them a deserved tribute. “  It took them a while to put out the fire. While they were there, it still made “Boom”! So I thank God for the firefighters,  ”said Lil ‘Troy, fascinated by firefighters more concerned with the safety of others than their own safety.“They came and made sure no one else got hurt at the same time… I started to think about my family and worry about how they needed me. It’s not my time to go now. “

The competent authorities have opened an investigation to determine the causes of the fire. Especially since Troy claims to have taken the truck, there are only two months since convinced to make a lot of money.

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