Lil Wayne accused by his bodyguard of pointing a gun at him

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The act could not know a judicial evolution but Lil Wayne now knows that one of his guards can file a complaint against him. 

Bodyguards and security guards are the ones celebrities trust for their safety. Paradoxically, these henchmen are often the ones who create the most problems for them. Travis Scott had the unfortunate experience of seeing two Astroworld Festival security guards file a complaint against him.

After Houston’s unloved child, it’s Lil Wayne’s turn to be screwed by one of his bodyguards.

Accusations everywhere

According to TMZ, the bodyguard accuses Lil Wayne of pointing a gun at him during an argument at his home. The security guard alerted the police to the altercation between him and Lil Wayne at his employer’s Hidden Hills Mansion in California.

According to the agent, it all started with an argument in which Lil Wayne accused the bodyguard of taking pictures and sharing them with the media. After the argument, Lil Wayne ordered the guard to leave his residence. Having gone to the washroom before leaving the residence, he was threatened by an assault rifle held by Lil Wayne. The guard then left the property and went to his duty cabin to call the police. The call would have dissuaded Wayne, who left before the arrival of the men in uniform.

The police report

Despite his call to the police, the guard decided not to press charges against his employer. Lil Wayne is still calm since one of his relatives has denied the incident based on the fact that his friend does not have a gun. Likewise, sources introduced to the police say that the Police question the history of the guard because the guard has no marks or injuries on the body following the alleged physical altercation.

Saved by his criminal record

If it was true that Lil Wayne does not have a gun, he will owe it to the risk of 10 years in prison he incurred for pleading guilty to the federal weapons charge. He was pardoned by President Donald Trump but avoids the use of firearms. Indeed, he had been pinned down by the police during a search of his plane (following drug transport pipes) at the Miami-Opa Locak executive airport. The search found a gold-plated 1911 Remington, a 45 caliber handgun loaded with six rounds and a bag containing small amounts of cocaine, ecstasy and oxycodone.

Lil Wayne and his first date with death

Lil Wayne opened up about his suicide attempt at age 12 last August when his mother found out he was rapping. “  When I got home… I got a call from my aunt,  ” he explained. “  She said to me, ‘She found out everything. My boy, you are going to get your ass kicked. All this rap, she’s going to take it in her file, she’s going to throw it away. So it all accumulated in me. I hung up the phone, thoughts everywhere. The main thought was, “I’ll show you. So I picked up the phone, I called the police… I went to his room, I took the gun and I had already made the call  ”

Wayne even remembers that things could have been otherwise than he was already dead. He continued his August speech. “  Biggie’s song [‘One More Chance’] was playing… I was looking [in the mirror] like, ‘You know what? I started to think I must be driving myself crazy and noticed that I didn’t have to – that’s what scared me. How I knew I had mental health issues was when I pulled the trigger.  Lil Wayne said.

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