Lil Wayne smoked 15 blunts before recording his feat with MGK

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Renowned for his ability to chain blunts all day long, Lil Wayne would have smoked non-stop before entering the cabin to record his featuring with Machine Gun Kelly.

Lil Wayne chains the blunts

Available for a few hours on Hulu, the documentary Life in Pink on Monday , centered on the life and career of Machine Gun Kelly, will have made it possible to highlight an anecdote concerning Lil Wayne . Facing the camera, MGK will evoke having witnessed a scene that is hardly believable, when recording the song Drug Dealer with Lil Wayne. The latter would have smoked no less than 15 blunts before entering the cabin , to sign a performance that will be kept.

The artist obviously detailed the anecdote: “I start the song, he is like: “Is this what we are going to do? I answer him: “Yes. He said to me: “Okay, do you guys have some time? ” ” Sure. He goes to the inner courtyard, smokes 15 blunts. He connects them, his eyes are closed, he listens to the instrument in a loop. He comes back into the studio, we’re sitting there, like we saw the GOAT gathering his thoughts around the track we just did. […] He came back at 5:30 in the morning. He says to us: “Are you ready? He goes into the booth, he unrolls his text all at once. Like, all at once. »

And it’s casually still so incredible, even coming from Lil Wayne…


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