Lil Xan claims his ex-manager Stat Quo contributed to his drug addiction

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Lil Xan is well known for openly discussing his drug addiction with his fans. In this regard, he recently spoke of his ex-manager that he is among the people who, instead of helping him out of drug addiction, plunged him earlier.

Lil Xan accuses Stat Quo of supplying him with drugs while on tour

According to his words, he almost died of a drug overdose in 2018. It’s no secret to his fans since Lil Xan often discusses this subject with them. They know he is addicted to certain things like this. Or at least he was because he seems sober right now.

In a recent video, he opened up about his ex-manager Stat Quo. He accuses her of worsening his drug addiction while trying to get out of it. Indeed, it was during his tours in 2018. “My manager, well I don’t even like to call him my manager, Stat Quo. I was on tour from 2018 to 2000 what (…) I was a drug addict at the time and my manager provided me with drugs, ”said Lil Xan.

He claims he wasted away and almost died at the time from drugs. These statements come after Stat Quo claimed $ 30,000. “He also took my car from me, which I mostly paid for… Now he wants $ 30,000 of the remaining money to return it. It’s literally all my money in the car and he won’t give it to me. ” he added.

So far, Stat Quo has not reacted to Lil Xan’s comments. Or, as the latter said “He’s going to act as if he hadn’t done that (…) and I really feel that I should take him to court”.

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