Listening to Drake in the hall wouldn’t be good for your performance

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A freshly published study suggests that you shouldn’t be doing your gym sessions listening to tracks from Champagne Papi’s discography .

Drizzy and we run in slow motion

The company Pour Moi has just published a study analyzing the data of 60 races carried out by a group of joggers who listened to different titles during their exercise sessions. It seems that athletes have run faster while listening to Beyoncé, and much slower by injecting titles signed Drake into their ears. Runners who listened to 6 God would have seen their running times increase by 6% , no less. In summary, in a marathon, listening to Drake would add about 15 minutes to the runner’s time.

But Drake is not the only one to “slow down” the sportsmen, since pieces of Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj are also incriminated. The study will add this comment: “The results show that your run could be half a minute per mile faster when you listen to Queen B. That means you could run a 3 mile course 2 minutes and 45 seconds. faster than usual, which is equivalent to saving 23 minutes on a marathon. “

So, listening to Marvins Room at 6 God wouldn’t allow you to find the strength to go faster?

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