Lizzo and Oprah Wow Audiences With Adele’s “Hello” Hymn During Special Concert

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The last CBS special, ” Adele One Night Only “, aired last Sunday . Filmed a month ago, this show saw the presence of an audience of stars including Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade, James Corden, Tyler Perry, and c. To do them a deserved honor, Adèle offered her fans interpretations of her latest music. Nevertheless, apart from these moments of exchanges between the British singer and the TV host, Oprah Winfrey , the fans heard the beautiful voices of Lizzo and the latter. Respectively singer and host, the two sang at the top of their lungs on the title ”  Hello ” of the English star.

Lizzo and Oprah, a first try for a master stroke

Without realizing it, the duo of the special show made a great collaboration by performing “ Hello ” in front of a star audience made up of Leonardo DiCaprio, Donald Glover, Drake and many others . In a tweet with the video, the host asks the caption ` ` @adele got us hello! @lizzo what concert are we going to now ?! #AdeleOneNightOnly »

In response to this post, Lizzo responded in the morning “  ADELE  BETTA SING THAT SONG ”. These two tweets have only sparked a reaction from the audience who appreciates the performance of Lizzo and Oprah. In the wake of the reactions, a user asks Adele to teach the TV host the lyrics. “  You still have to teach Oprah the lyrics,  ” he jokes. 

In addition, Internet users while appreciating this way of celebrating the works of the English singer, hope for a collaboration between Adèle and Lizzo  in the future.

” Adele One Night Only ”: An event organized as a prelude to the next album entitled “30”

Adèle intends to get closer to her fans before the release of her next album , scheduled for November 19, 2021 . This is what justifies the organization of this program, which was able to bring together the great figures alongside the artist, giving a particular imprint to the event.

It is urgent to report that the 33-year-old performer took advantage of this show to bring back to the audience, made up of a large number of his friends, his previous songs and four new songs from his latest album. Adèle did not hide her impressions during this show. “ It will be very elegant, and then I will tell a bunch of disgusting jokes. It will be a kind of boost for them  ”suggested the native of London to the TV host.

For now, the public is impatiently awaiting singer Adèle’s new album in the coming days.

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