Loni Love analyzes the situation between DaniLeigh and Dababy and advises independence to her sisters

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Loni Love sets up as a marriage counselor for a show. On The Real, Loni and other women made a suggestion and pointed out Dababy’s mistake.

Dababy and DaniLeigh are no longer a perfect couple. The love affair between the two has come to an end and continues to create reactions without making the concerned even come out of their gon.
No other disclosure was made with the intention of harming either partner.
In this file, the web is divided and each Internet user positions himself to support Dababy or DaniLeigh. If DaniLeugh’s brother Brandon Bills calls on Dababy for an explanation using punches, Loni Love prefers to learn from this mishap and also to warn her sisters of measures to be taken to avoid this kind of humiliation. As a reminder, DaniLeigh criticized Dababy for her absence during the pregnancy and especially for having expelled her from the residence.

When a woman advocates independence for another

The situation DaniLeigh finds  himself in  has been analyzed differently by the ladies of The Real. They think DaniLeigh went through this situation because she is not independent.
For Loni Love, all women must work to gain their independence from their partners. She offers her therapy while recalling some scenes from the ugly show to which the couple indulged. “ They were still live and he put out another video and basically he was trying to clean it up and stuff,  ” Loni said. “Look, this is my thing, when you have a fight we’ve all been in certain situations, I know I’ve been in certain situations. One of the reasons that as a woman I always say having their own things so that no one can sit down and tell you to get out of their house. Have your own business! », Added a Loni experienced in this kind of situation.

Dababy’s mistake according to Loni Love

After suggesting independence to women, Loni did not fail to put a word to Dababy who she said totally disrespected and considered DaniLeigh.
She raised that instead of DaniLeigh’s expulsion,  Dababy  could have distanced himself a little by leaving the residence. “ If he was so upset he should have left for a minute or a day. These are other hotels. You a rapper, you have the money, go and go!  Loni suggested, very surprised at Dababy’s lack of tact.

The question of independence

An independent woman is often a ticking time bomb according to some celebrities, yet many couples are made up of completely independent people. These examples of couples confirm that Loni Love did not give bad advice. And it is not  Beyoncé and Jay-Z  or  Cardi B and Offset who will say the opposite.

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