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Ludacris’ Netflix series, Karma’s World, is already being hailed by parents and fans around the world for bringing the issues faced by young black girls to the fore. Drawing inspiration from some of the life lessons he gave his own daughter Karma Christine Bridges as a child, the famous rapper last month shared his exciting project with the world in an effort to help kids exalt   ” self affirmation”.

A beacon for future generations

The Karmas World series centers on a young girl entering college and learning to stay true to herself through music. She is inspired by Ludacris and his daughter as well as many real life situations that Karma has experienced. The Fast and Furious actor explained that becoming a parent inspired him to create a series that is aimed at young children. He added: “ When you become a parent, you automatically start thinking about the next generation.The reason I made this series is to inspire and motivate people to become the next leaders or the next great artists. I think that’s a whole new goal in my life, besides being a good dad to my kids. This is exactly what I decided to do. I know this will create a lot of good. ”

Accept yourself, assert yourself: Hair matters a lot

What makes the series special is that Bridges wanted to change the way black girls view their hair and give them a voice to find solutions to communicate their feelings and the real situations they face on a daily basis. For example, there is an episode about how she wears hair of different textures, which she is proud of.

“Black girls are faced with a lot of things when it comes to their hair and it was the most important thing in the world for me, to create something that made sense and that gives a voice to the voiceless.” Explains LUDACRIS All black girls have had to deal with people touching their hair without asking them, combing and styling process to achieve certain looks. Sometimes it’s not the easiest to manage, but the textures are so beautiful. When you understand our heritage and the long line of beautiful textures, hair and strength that you come from, there comes a time when you start to be proud of your hair. We are starting to understand the resilience of our hair. As the father of a daughter,. »

Speaking to about his intentions for the show, the rapper said he hoped “A lot of young girls, and kids in general, will feel like they’re not alone.” For him the animated series, which will undoubtedly have a considerable impact, will teach children “ that you are never too young to change the world ‘ ‘ while watching Karma Grant and her school friends take on the many challenges of the world. life.

Each episode features original songs covering topics such as self-esteem, body positivity, discrimination, friendship, family, creativity, emotional expression, leadership, celebrating differences and more. Again. Karma world is now streaming and the latest clip ‘Proud of my Hair’ can be streamed on all music platforms.

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