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On his social networks, Omar Sy posted a photo to announce the start of filming for the 3rd season, still in Paris.

In October , Omar Sy became the first French actor to enter into a partnership with Netflix , and is already back to work for the American streaming platform. After 2 seasons having been a huge success around the world, which makes it even the biggest French success in the history of Netflix, the 43-year-old actor born in Trappes announced this Thursday, November 18 the start of the shooting of the 3rd part of Lupine .An announcement made in particular using a selfie taken from the roofs of Val-de-Grâce (former army hospital located in the 5th arrondissement) and published on social networks. Obviously, the one who plays the role of Assane Diop in the series directed by George Kay has not let go about a potential release date. It will therefore be necessary to be patient before finding the rest of the adventures of the fan of the gentleman burglar, chased by the French police services and who fled at the end of the last season.


More and more support for Assane Diop?

If the scenario remains secret, Omar Sy has however already given some clues to fans of the series. In July, during an interview for Entertainment Weekly ,  he mentioned the possibility of seeing his character being supported by several people: “ When you read novels, Lupine has a lot of accomplices. But in the series, he only has one, Benjamin. He needs more hands, so he’s going to have to hire some […] I think it would be interesting one day to have a big cast, with a lot of people. When you are the brain, you cannot do it all on your own. It is also one of his talents, to bring people together ”. It would therefore not be surprising to see a few actors join him in his quest for justice and truths …

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