Madonna: the Pop singer still at the heart of scandals

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When it comes to Madonna, you never know what to expect. The pop icon has been turning heads with his outrageous releases and unique commentary for decades. Today, it is difficult for the singer to surprise her fans and even her haters. However, the 63-year-old has become a hot topic again after posting a photo that left audiences bewildered.

As usual, Madonna doesn’t hesitate to show off her physical strengths . Most recently, she was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The 63-year-old singer first lay down on the table before offering the audience a breathtaking view of her behind.

Madonna: disturbing poses

Madonna was showing her legs as Jimmy tried to cover her with his coat. Madonna was unfazed and turned around to show her butt to the audience. The host looked horrified, but viewers believe this footage was indeed staged.

Separately, the singer undressed for a sexy photoshoot at home where she bared her butt in fishnets. Madonna shared several pictures of her topless breasts as well as pictures of herself rolling around in bed as well as on the floor. In one image, the top half of her body was under the bed while the bottom was in plain view, just as if she was an eagle stretched out in plain sight.

Following the publication of these images, the reactions were not long in coming. Even rapper 50 Cent got involved. “Yo that’s really too funny LOL […] It’s Madonna under the bed acting like a virgin at 63,” he wrote on his Instagram account.

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