Maes announces the colors of his next album with the music video for ” Tmax 560 ”

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In a few hours, Maes will deliver her long-awaited “Real Life 3.0” mixtape. A project that the rapper began to announce with great fanfare recently. And after having unveiled a few extracts during his visit to the Planète Rap show on Skyrock, the native of Sevran finally shares the very first song of his next project which he entitled ” Tmax 560 ”. And as much to say that it is heavy.

” Tmax 560 ”, available everywhere

Very productive lately, Maes does not stop. After having titillated the summits with his project ”  The last bastards” , one of the biggest commercial successes of 2020, he decided to sign his return to the charts with a new opus. Entitled ‘ ‘ Réelle vie 3.0 ”, this album contains very beautiful connections with Booba , Zed, Oboy, Tiakola and YNS . Something to make the public dream.

And to show the pressure, the rapper from Sevran decided to offer a taste by sharing the song ‘ ‘ Tmax 560 ” accompanied by his clip. On this track, we find Maes on a percussive instrumental signed Flem on which he kicks with a sharp flow. A song that allows the Sevran rapper to confirm once again the extent of his talent , but also of  his technique .

Regarding the visual, the Sevranais offers us a clip just as dark as the song. Imagined by Cedric Dubourg , this video reveals the interpreter of ‘ ‘ Elvira ” in the middle of the night aboard a scooter and accompanied by a horde of bikers facing the darkness. A uniformed police officer can also be seen tied up in a body bag and dragged across the ground by one of the drivers. A very good performance which suggests that the native of Sevran is preparing a quality project for us.

“ Réelle vie 3.0 ”: a rapped and very cold project

As Maes had announced, ” Réelle Vie 3.0 ” will consist of 14 songs including several collaborations Currently in full promotion, the interpreter of ‘ ‘ Blanche ” shared some unreleased tracks. And after listening to these, we can deduce that the next opus of the rapper of 26 years will be very dark and kicked . A way to turn the page on the vaporous and soaring pieces that he offered us on these old albums. And this is not to displease his fans.

They were recently able to discover the rapper from other angles through the three episodes of his mini web series ” Real life ” unveiled on YouTube. A program that was very popular with the public given that the episodes all accumulate more than a million views .

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