Maes: first absent from the 100% Sevran compilation

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Announced since last summer 2020, the 100% Sevran compilation should see the light of day in the coming weeks. A project that will bring together the big names in music from this beautiful city. But, a few hours ago, one of the most anticipated artists of this project announced that he will not participate. This is Maes .

100% Sevran compilation: coming soon

In 2020, stung by the fever of compilation like Sofiane with “  93 Empire  ” and JuL with “13’Organisé” , rapper Da Uzi put forward the idea of ​​a project bringing together only rappers from Sevran. An announcement that had been well received, but which was subject to controversy due to the boycott of rapper Kaaris , yet one of the great artists of the city. Finally, after several weeks of heated debate, hostilities were launched for this project.

Thus, at the end of last September, the Sevran team began to tease the compilation by posting a video on YouTube on an account bearing the name of the project, in particular “  Sale Époque ”. In this sequence, we learn that 100% Sevran will consist of a documentary which traces the rise of Sevran in French rap, as well as a mixtape . And to make the public wait, two first extracts were unveiled. These are ” Se wire ” which brought together DA Uzi, Kalash Criminel  and  Zefor and ” TRANSAC ” on which we found Koss  and  Woorupp. Two very convincing extracts which had made everyone agree.

If the tracklist and the number of participants of the ” Sale Époque ” compilation are not yet really known, we already know that there will be a big absent in this Sevran adventure. These include the performer of “Greenbacks” , Maes .

Maes: ”  I had to withdraw my voices”

Recently, Maes who is in full preparation for the release of his next album ” Réelle vie 3.0 ” was the guest of Mouloud Achour . During this interview, various subjects concerning the career of the Sevran rapper were discussed. But one of the most important points was about his participation in the 100% Sevran compilation.

On this point, Maes had told the journalist that he would ultimately not participate. “Me when it takes a little time even if it’s family, work and family are not the same.  I was obliged to withdraw my votes ”: he had notably declared. A rather surprising announcement when we know the place occupied by the artist in Sevran rap, but also the love he has for the city.

We meet in three days to discover together his new project which will be according to him ”  the best “. Remember that “ Réelle vie 3.0” will be composed of 14 titles and will have the participation of Booba , Zed, Oboy, YNS , as well as Tiakola .

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