Maes gets off to a good start with “Réelle Vie 3.0”

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This Friday, November 26, Maes signed his return to the charts with the third episode of his mixtape “  Réelle Vie ”. A project eagerly awaited by the public given that the rapper had not released anything since his second album called ” The last bastards ”, released in 2020. After a week of operation, the sales figures of this opus come to fall. And you can tell Maes did a good job.

21,390 first week sales

From a promising artist to the headliner of the francophone rap scene, Maes has been able to climb the levels quite quickly. A success that the native of Sevran owes in particular to his high productivity. In his beginnings, he established himself thanks to his mixtape called ‘ ‘ Réelle Vie ” , the first episode of which was unveiled in 2017. An opus of 10 tracks which allowed the rapper to be noticed by the public.

Buoyed by this success, he released the following year ” Real Life 2 ” which is composed of 11 tracks. This opus was very well received by the public with the key to a gold certification . Subsequently, Maes will release two studio albums and achieve several collaborations that will allow him to confirm his talent and gain popularity.

This year, the interpreter of ‘ ‘ Pack M ” has decided to follow up his series ‘ ‘ Réelle Vie ” by unveiling the third volume. On the program of this project, fourteen songs and collaborations with  Booba , Zed, Tiakola, OBOY and YNS. A set of elements that gave Maes a very good start.

Indeed, after a week of operation, the Sevran rapper signed an impressive score of 21,390  sales with “  Réelle Vie 3.0 ”, including 2,549 physical sales, 250 downloads and 18,591 streamings . Excellent figures, but which are below compared to his last opus ” The last bastards ” which accumulated 38,536 sales in the same period of time. However, this new achievement is enough to allow him to occupy the third place of the Top Album of the week.

Maes: soon the end of rap

This new performance by Maes has just confirmed his status as a key rapper on the French rapological scene. Despite this success, the Kopp colt intends to retire although his career remains relatively short. In a recent interview, he explained that he still had 3 projects to come out before ending his career and launching other challenges.

Now that he has unveiled ‘ Real Life 3 ‘, he only has two projects left to publish. We are waiting to see if the rapper will actually end his career or if he will reverse his decision.

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