Maes shares a first single from her upcoming album ‘Réelle Vie 3.0’

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The deadline is approaching for  Maes , who will unveil a new album entitled ” Réelle Vie 3.0″ on November 26th  A project on which the rapper has worked a lot and hopes that he will be ” the best “. While waiting for the fateful release date of this opus, the Sevran rapper has decided to unveil a very first extract called  “TMAX 560” to make his community wait.

A funny piece that throws

After the big success of his project ‘ ‘ The last bastards ” , certified triple platinum by the SNEP, Maes is ready to sign his return to the charts. For this, he decided to release his mixtape called “Réelle Vie 3.0” . An opus that he began actively teasing for several weeks and which is already available for pre-order since November 10 .

And for the most impatient, the Sevran rapper has decided to announce the colors by unveiling on Instagram an unpublished extract of a piece called “TMAX 560” which will be on his upcoming project. In this short sequence of 14 seconds, we find Maes on a funny instrumental on which he distills some punchlines with a unique flow . Even if this extract lasts only a few seconds, we can already conclude that it is a real banger that the Sevran rapper is about to offer.

And to discover “ TMAX 560 ” in its entirety, it will be necessary to wait until 6 pm tonight, as stated by Booba’s protege in the caption of his publication. We look forward.

Maes: a great career soon to be over

Despite the great success he meets, Maes thinks of ending his career in a few years. Unlike his mentor Kopp who has more than two decades of career, the interpreter of ” Mama ” wishes to stop everything at his 30 years and devote himself to projects other than music. In a recent interview, he said in particular: “In three projects, I am more here”. Not to mention that one. It means there … There it is a gift. […] My dream, what I would like, is to stop music at 30 years old. At 30 years old, I send a last project and end! “. We can say that Maes has no more time to waste.

Will he really stop the music or backtrack like his B2O mentor? We are waiting to find out. For now, we’ll meet on Friday, November 26, 2021 to discover “  Réelle vie 3.0  ” together.

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