Maes: the first figures of his new project “ Réelle Vie 3.0 ”

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Last Friday, Maes made his comeback on the front of the stage with the third volume of his mixtape ” Réelle Vie ”. Barely unveiled, the album is already accumulating very interesting scores. Zoom on the first figures of this project after three days of operation.

` Real Life 3.0 ”: a rather interesting start

While he has announced that he will be retiring soon, Maes continues to delight his audiences with quality content. This Friday, November 26, he published his eagerly awaited “ Réelle Vie 3.0 ”. A series of mixtapes, the first episode of which had been released in 2017. And this new opus marked the return to long format of the Sevran rapper since his last project “ The Last Salopards ”, unveiled in January 2020 and certified  triple platinum disc .

In the program of “Real life 3.0” , the interpreter of ” Madrina ” offered us 14 titles. And for this new adventure, he called on his mentor Booba , Tiakola ,  Oboy , Zed as well as YNS . A nice variety of tones to which Maes had accustomed us since his beginnings. And we can say that this recipe works wonderfully and is very popular with the public.

Indeed, after only three days of operation, the Sevran rapper has successfully sold 10,088 copies of “Réelle vie 3.0” , including 8,117 in streaming, 1,770 in physical and 201 in download. A very good start. And thanks to these impressive figures, the author of ‘ ‘ Pure ” is currently in 3rd place in the Top Albums .

While waiting to have the figures of the first week to make good comparisons, we can already say that Maes has just experienced a new success with this project. Although these numbers are a little lower than those achieved with ” The Last Salopards ” in the same time frame, they are quite interesting, especially for a mixtape.

A deserved success for Maes

In just a few years, Maes has gone from being a new headliner rapper to the rap scene in France. A success that the rapper obviously owes to his talent and his omnipresence . But one of the best secrets of his success is that he does not hesitate to collaborate with already established artists.

And one of the most used is Booba. The latter has never ceased to give strength to the interpreter of ‘ ‘ Dragovic ” since his beginnings. In addition, Kopp does not hesitate to take part in his projects, or to involve him in his own projects. Thus, the two rappers have already made three different collaborations which are very successful.

It is therefore natural that Maes invited the Duke once again for “Real life 3.0”, in particular on the title ” Platine o Plomo “ . A song that has recorded impressive numbers since its release and ranks first on streaming platforms.

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