US rapper Saweetie recently guest-starred on the bootleg Kev podcast. The interview included topics such as her new EP, last year’s McDonald’s collaboration and her views on the differences between men’s and women’s music in hip-hop. On the latter, the California rapper has had a strong opinion: According to her, women are currently leading hip-hop. Saweetie finds male rap too ‘disrespectful and violent’ … Read more

Chingy reacts to being on the ’50 Worst Rappers of All Time’ list

While occupying the 27th place in a ranking of the worst rappers, Chingy has said what he thinks of this ranking. The hip-hop world is all about competition. This rivalry gives beauty to this art, but it is not always well seen. This is the case with Chingy who stepped up to speak out about his place in the … Read more

Akon explains why he never collaborated with Jay-Z

Recently, Akon explained during an interview the reason why he had never worked with Jay-Z . For him, there had been no requests for collaboration at the time, then, when Jay was acting as an executive, he was at his musical peak. “There was not even a request. » Akon has managed to collaborate with everyone from Jeezy and Eminem to Michael Jackson and Gwen Stefani throughout … Read more


And daily greetings from the Kanye West updates. Due to Yes’s anti-Semitic statements in the last few days and weeks, Adidas has also recently  come under massive criticism. Now the German sportswear giant is releasing a statement about ending its collaboration with the rapper. The reason for the immediate termination of the cooperation is Kanye West’s recent statements.  “Hateful & Dangerous”: Adidas … Read more

Star Academy: votes, tensions … Amisse confides after his elimination

She is the first student to leave the castle. Eliminated from the “Star Academy” during the bonus on Saturday evening, Amisse said to leave the adventure “ten times more determined”. The young singer, disappointed but positive, confides in this “intense” week and the choice of her comrades: “I come out of the show with lots of memories”. … Read more

End of the separation, the Migos reunited again?

In full promotion of their opus, Quavo and Takeoff were recently in a podcast. The two rappers took the opportunity to talk about a possible return of the Migos . “ If the check is good, why not! » Released shortly before the summer of 2021, Culture III could well be the last album in the history of the Migos. In the year 2022, the … Read more

Star Academy: Amir, Juliette Armanet and Lewis Capaldi guests of the 2nd prime

Make way for the competition! After introducing themselves to the public, the 13 students of the “Star Academy” will share the stage with exceptional guests during the second prime. Saturday evening on TF1, Juliette Armanet, Julien Clerc, Naps are notably expected on the set of the show. Photo credits: Bestimage The doors of the castle of the … Read more

Lil Baby Responds To Rumors He Paid $16,000 To Sleep With A Pornstar

Known for keeping quiet about his personal relationships, Lil Baby is breaking the ice and finally speaking out about his supposed affair with an adult film actress. “I’m not a sucker” Lil Baby has been making the rounds in the media to promote his new album ‘ It’s Only Me’ . Throughout his press tour, the Atlanta native spoke out on many … Read more


Kim Kardashian is championing Gunna on social media . As is well known, he is confronted with allegations of gang crime and is currently in prison. Earlier this week, the rapper was denied bail for the third time. After the news of his failed bail hearing broke, Kim shared a lengthy text on her Instagram Story about why Gunna should be … Read more

Akon confirms that he used his brother to replace him on concerts when he didn’t have time

Akon will eventually admit that he has hired the services of his brother Abou “Bu” Thiam to replace him on certain concert dates. Akon forced to admit the obvious Last July, T-Pain dropped a real stone in the pond. The artist thus affirmed that Akon would have convinced his twin brother Abou Thiam to appear on stage in his place to … Read more